Advance Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design – 3 Years

Course Fee: 120,000.00 INR *

The Undergraduate Fashion Design course is a significant first step for any aspirants towards a successful career in the Fashion Industry equipped with the tools and expertise required to excel in the increasingly competitive market. The full time 3-year intensive program incorporates anything and everything necessary to succeed in the field of fashion including updated course materials, latest designing techniques, various ways of execution, selection of fabrics/materials, necessary industry exposure and interdisciplinary collaborations. It also includes international exchange programs and study trips for the holistic growth of the individual to learn and decode the contemporary trends, ideas, and future of fashion.

Course Overview :

  • This program qualifies the students to take up leadership positions in apparel manufacturing.
  • It amalgamates scientific knowledge with industrial acumen.
  • It provides the required technical knowhow to enter the industry at prominent positions.

Learning Outcomes :

  • This program enables the students to understand the universal fashion vocabulary, and understand the technical jargon of the trade.
  • The course will inculcate a deep aesthetic and functional approach to design and enable the student to come up with more consumer friendly commercial design solutions.
Career Opportunities :

There is a wide range of opportunities and diverse options for a Fashion Design student, from creating your Brand, working for Major Brand, working for Garment Export Houses, Fashion Illustrators, Textile Designers, Personal Stylist, Fashion Public Relations etc. There is a huge scope for students who want to pursue further education in Fashion Design giving them options to work in Fashion Institutes and Colleges.

Curriculum :

  • First Year :
  • Second Year :
  • Third Year :
  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Foundation Art
  • Fashion and Apparel Design Fundamentals, Elements and Principles
  • History of Indian Fashion
  • Introduction to Textiles
  • Basic of Computer and Application
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Draping
  • Annual Design Awards
  • Introduction to Fashion Illustration
  • Creative Yarn Craft
  • Creative Embroidery
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Advance Draping
  • Textile Science Processing
  • Advanced Computer Aided Design for Fashion and Textiles
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • History of the World
  • Annual Design Awards
  • Advanced Course in Fashion Illustration
  • Vintage Costumes
  • Quality Control
  • Production Management and Merchandising
  • Fashion Analysis
  • Fashion Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Global Markets
  • Annual Design Awards