M.Sc. in Fashion Design – 2 Years

Course Fee: 140,000.00 INR *

The Masters of Science in Fashion Design ensures powerful skill-set of creativity and Fashion Design. The course aims to polish students in various areas of Fashion Design and the amalgamation of research, creativity, innovative designs, garment construction, advance draping and design communication. The Masters in Fashion Design course is drafted to extend their knowledge and creativity to help the students innovate unique and original designs.

Course Overview :

  • The course is designed to train the students to plan and design garments with focusing on research methods and problem-solving techniques
  • Provides technical details alongside design process and brand building.
  • The course aims to help students channelize creativity to real life project development.

Learning Outcomes :

  • The program will enable students to express their creativity in a language understood by the fashion business and plan a professional business plan for start-up.
  • The students will acquire in-depth knowledge in working with different markets, production needs, customer expectation, brand image and current and future trends in order to stay in line with ever-growing fashion industry.
Career Opportunities :

On completion of the course one can work as fashion design, build their own brand, visual merchandiser, creative consultant and brand and marketing manager

Curriculum :

The Master’s programme is a 2 year course divided into four semesters as below:

  • First Year :
  • Second Year :
  • Dynamic of Fashion Industry
  • Fashion Psychology
  • Graphic Design
  • Material Exploration and Surface Ornamentation
  • Design Drawing
  • Art and Costume Appreciation
  • Research Techniques and Methodology for Design
  • Textile studies
  • Advance Pattern Making and Garment Manufacturing
  • Fashion Forecasting and Trend Studies
  • JD Annual Design Awards
  • Portfolio Development and Presentation
  • Dissertation
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Brand Management
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • JD Annual Design Awards