Mr. Darayus Italia | JD Institute Of Fashion Technology

Mr. Darayus Italia

H.O.D – Fashion Photography 

A photographer based in Mumbai with 9 years’ experience in commercial photography. Darayus Italia specialises in  Fashion Portraits, Commercials fashion and Travel keen to communicate memorable messages through dynamic and stimulating images.

Having fallen in love with photography while doing his IT jobe He decided to Study it further he did a Diploma in Fashion photography from FX school and then Went to Australia to Study further to do his Bachelors in Photography. 

Always inspired to capture beauty in its many guises, Darayus has worked on projects with brands abroad and in India.Myer (Australia) ,DOTTI (Australia)  KoKO BLACK (Australia) Royal Caribbean Cruises ( USA)  TCS,Star Bazaar And others.

He also worked with advertising agencies Abroad Like Robert Half® ,Assemblo ,Mustard Creative Agency,Leo Burnett (In Australia). He has worked with Guava Creative,Intercept and Underdog. 

He worked with Production houses like Film Media,Media Unit B,HORIZON FILMS,DreamCube Productions Crocodile Productions and Monkey on Hot Bricks Productions, etc.Darayus with his team have also ventured in comprehensively undertaking pre-production and post-production requirements in recent years. His passion for photography has inspired him to spread knowledge and encourage young photographers to follow their passion.

He has also been an Educator for 3 years. Darayus has worked with Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism as Senior faculty for photography.He has headed many efforts to expand the curriculum, create and run new courses and various workshops which are adaptive to students’ diverse learning styles.He mentors students through their course and for their Portfolio Making with managing the day-to-day activities of the institute. He has a warm and friendly attitude towards his students, which gives them the space and freedom to explore and experiment who becomes next generation of successful Portfolios.