Diploma in Pattern Making & Garment Manufacturing -6 Months
Course Fee: 60,000.00 INR *
The course will introduce students to flat pattern making as a vital tool in creating garments. It trains the students to draft and create various creative garments. The Diploma in Pattern Making and Garment Manufacturing aims to master the skills of the students who are interested in developing paper patterns for creative designs and bring them to life by using garment manufacturing techniques. It helps the students to explore available resources, latest techniques and understand the contemporary trends.

Course Overview :

  • To be able to take body measurements
  • To familiarize students with terminologies used in pattern making and its tools
  • To be able to apply pattern making principle to create design variations and construct garments
  • To enable students to achieve a working knowledge of the sewing system and develop the ability to use different types of sewing machines.
  • To know the different basic parts of a garment, and the way they are attached to finish a garment

Learning Outcomes :

  • To prepare the students to draft patterns
  • To be able to judge the right kind of finishes that have to be given to different fabrics
  • To create garment parts and various design elements required for a garment
Career Opportunities :

After successful completion of the course students can start their own boutique to manufacture designer garments or work under famous designer as pattern maker

Curriculum :

  • Syllabus
  • Introduction to Pattern Making & Garment Manufacturing
  • Fabric Construction
  • Body Measurements
  • Patterns for different garments
  • Seam Allowances & layouts
  • Adaptations
  • Basic stitches
  • Different Finishes of the garment
  • Construction of different types of garments