Fashion Marketing – 6 Months
Course Fee: 60,000.00 INR *

The 6 months diploma programme in Fashion Marketing aims at giving in-depth knowledge to the individual about the most important aspects of retail fashion industry which includes marketing management and merchandising. The program offers intensive studies about brand building, brand marketing, customer relationship management, digital fashion marketing, consumer behavior, new approach to retailing and faster and innovative marketing strategies which helps build the current thinking and the latest development in the field

Course Overview :

  • The program gives in-depth knowledge to students to develop different and innovative marketing techniques and unique approach to retail fashion business
  • The students will be able to extend his/abilities for customer relationship management and consumer behavior
  • The course will prepare the students to compete with always growing and demanding digital fashion marketing
  • The module offers in-depth knowledge in the field of retail fashion business with varied specialties such as brand building, visual merchandising, social media marketing, public relations, consumer behavior and marketing strategies

Learning Outcomes :

  • Thorough understanding of retail fashion business
  • To understand consumer behavior and build good customer relations
  • To be able to analyze brands, do trend research along with distribution, advertising and merchandising to build brand image and unique marketing strategies
  • To be able to plan social media and digital marketing technique to help brand compete its competitors
  • Exposure to showrooms and retails spaces to get hands on knowledge on fashion marketing under industry experts
Career Opportunities :

Over the completion of the course the student will be able to works as brand manager, retail marketer, fashion marketing manager, social media manager, in-store merchandiser, customer relationship manager, and so on.

Curriculum :

  • Syallabus :
  • Introduction to Fashion Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Fashion Forecasting and Trend Studies
  • Fashion System
  • Communication & Advertising
  • Distribution System
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Sales Techniques
  • Digital Media Marketing