Fashion Business Management – 1 Year

Course Fee: 120,000.00 INR *

This course is ideal for individuals with a keen inclination towards the marketing and merchandising aspect of fashion design, willing to explore the intriguing concept of merging business with creative expressions. To be more specific, the program will be particularly helpful for candidates envisioning a career path in the fields of Fashion Brand Management, Design and Production Management, Fashion Publicist etc. In a rapidly changing world of fashion characterized by impermanence, strong vision, innovative thinking ability, at JD Institute we prepare young aspirants ensuring that they are thoroughly skilled in organizing goals, development strategies, business fundamentals, brand management before stepping into the professional world.

Course Overview :

  • The Fashion Business Management programme has close ties to extensive industry networking opportunities.
  • This course ensures that you will learn sustainable and ethical practices in the industry.
  • It ensures to enhance the leadership and organizational management knowledge and the ability to have a strategic evolution
  • It helps to focus and augment the students to think creatively and strategically using expert knowledge of the industry, new market and product innovation and simulation activities.
  • The students will learn the technical and transferable skills that are necessary for having wider career opportunities in the fashion industry.
  • It takes care of fashion marketing, innovative fashion management practices, merchandising and retailing, enabling students to get trained in problem-solving, decision making and strategic planning.

Learning Outcomes :

  • The Students will develop strong skill sets and rewarding industry relationships from this course.
  • Students will have a clear understanding of the fashion business, including media, trend analysis, management practices, consumer behavior and the identity of the brands.
  • The key principles and skills obtained from the Fashion Business Management Training will fetch many career opportunities and ensure a successful career in fashion and related industries.
Career Opportunities :

A diploma in Fashion Business Management opens the door to many career opportunities such as Fashion Buyer, Design Manager, Merchandiser, Product Manager, Retail Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketer in both retail and manufacturing sector of fashion and retail industry, Visual Merchandiser, etc.

Curriculum :

  • First Year :
  • Dynamics of Fashion Industry
  • Brand Management
  • Fashion Psychology and Consumer Behavior
  • Research Philosophy and Ethics
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Fashion Merchandising and Marketing – apparel production and quality control
  • Retail Management
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Global Marketing
  • Business Communication
  • Fashion Law